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Reign x Shine is a UK-based wellness company dedicated to Black women

We encourage togetherness, sisterhood, self-care and reflection.

We create luxury wellness retreats that focus on Black women's physical health and mental well-being.  We also develop signature and bespoke gift boxes featuring hand-picked wellness products from Black-owned businesses - all designed to balance, calm and reset!


No two retreats are the same. Whether you’re diving into a lavish infinity pool in the Caribbean, centring yourself during a yoga session in Croatia or taking an art therapy class surrounded by the lush and peaceful English countryside, each retreat has one thing in common: to positively contribute to the well-being of our guests during and after they leave our retreats.


By fostering safe spaces for Black women to connect and engage with each other, Reign x Shine wellness retreats are the perfect balance between self-care, self-discovery and relaxation.


Trudie is a full-time mum and a freelance fitness instructor, Maya is a lawyer and mental health advocate and we've been friends for over 20 years!


Reign x Shine was born from a conversation we had nearly three years ago about wellness retreats and, in particular, the industry’s lack of inclusivity.  After mulling over what we’d like to experience in these spaces we both thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have a luxurious space where Black women can have some fun, look after ourselves and be welcomed with open arms?” 


So, we decided to build our own.


From the ground up, we’ve built a wellness brand that hosts retreats in beautiful locations, with passionate Black women-led workshops, to centre the physical and mental health of Black women.

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