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In the Reign x Shine Box and Reign x Shine Premium Box...

  • Wild Seed

    Wild Seed is founded on two main philosophies: (1) They believe that nature is all encompassing, has the power to heal, nourish and restore.  As a result, Wild seed desires to co-create with nature a range of products that are simply seed to skin. (2) Moving away from mainstream cosmetics that are laden with synthetics and fillers, Wild Seed brings products that are not only efficacious but foster a sense of wellness by helping you reconnect to yourself through nature itself. Although Wild Seed was born in the heart of London, its roots are firmly planted in the heart of Africa. All of their products are handmade in small batches to ensure that they deliver the most potent, raw and purest potion directly from seed to skin.

    See more of the Wild Seed collection at https://wildseedbotanicals.com

  • Line and honey

    Line and Honey is a brand focused on feeling well and represented. We design art prints, illustrated cotton pouches and other textiles which are all hand silk-screen printed, featuring illustrations of black women that
    are minimal and soothing - as little detail as possible is used to illuminate the full picture. Many of the lines within the illustrations are dedicated to the subject’s hair, focusing on the complexity in the curls. Illustrating
    women of colour is central, particularly in order to reclaim the narrative of women of colour depicted in art.

    See more of the Line & Honey collection at


  • Narloa

    NARLOA is a plant-based skincare brand based in London, UK. They believe in uncomplicated skincare, using nutrient dense ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals. All products by NARLOA are handmade with love in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Our products are created free from parabens, fillers and artificial colours and fragrances.

    They take pride in formulating products that are non-toxic, people-friendly and naturally healing, so that you can look and feel your best all the time. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They never test on animals.

    See more of the Narloa collection at https://www.narloa.com

  • Tribal unicorn

    Tribal Unicorn was created in East London by founder, social entrepreneur and candle connoisseur, Angelica Louise 'GeGe'. It started as an outlet for 'after work stress' in her kitchen and quickly turned into a small business venture. GeGe merged her badass obsession with glitter and craft with her interest in mental health and the practice of well-being. She created Tribal Unicorn, a lifestyle brand representing sass, class and empowerment. Each candle is inspired by London life. From the sweet pineapple and jerk vibes of Notting Hill Carnival to the candle lit hip hop yoga classes in Shoreditch. Using the highest quality perfumes and soy wax available, Tribal Unicorn is the answer to boring, lacklustre, shop bought candles.

    See more of the Tribal Unicorn collection at 


In the Reign x Shine Young Queen box...


    Nia Ballerina is a UK based company that has designed musical jewellery boxes with black ballerinas. They first launched their music boxes in August 2016, and currently sell their boxes worldwide! The creator of Nia Ballerina was inspired by her own daughter, and her daughter’s absolute love for ballet from before she was even 3 years old. She never thought when she created this product for her own daughter there would be such a demand, however it shows that representation is important and that every ballerina deserves to see themselves when they open a music box.  As a mother, she feels proud to have have created a product and brand, Nia Ballerina, for her daughter, which is inspiring her to follow her dream of being a ballerina!

    See more of the Nia Ballerina collection at https://niaballerina.co.uk


    Casey Elisha Books was birthed in December 2015 after the release of Casey Elisha’s first self-published book, Love Thy Fro. Following its success, and the conversations she found herself in regarding the lack of diversity in children’s literature, Casey made the decision to try and work towards increasing representation within children’s books.

    Based in South-East London, Casey aims to diversify the scope of children’s literature by creating and promoting literary content that encourages, empowers and inspires.

    See more of the Casey Elisha Books collection at 



    Pigment Perfect was built to help create a visual pathway to confidence and self-love to children and adults of colour. Helping them love the shade of their skin and the magic that comes with it. By creating empowering prints and products, they aim to help children and adults identify themselves as powerful individuals and to regain the love for themselves in a society where they can feel rejected.

    See more of the Pigment Perfect collection at 


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