A carefully curated wellness and lifestyle box, with products from black-owned businesses

The Reign x Shine Box

About our Boxes

The Reign x Shine Box

The Reign x Shine Box and Reign x Shine Premium Box contain wellness goodies to promote relaxation, help reduce stress and encourage you to focus on self-care.


Each box contains a Gratitude Journal, a Mindfulness Colouring Book and full-sized wellness and lifestyle items!


We hope to inspire happiness through worthwhile activities & thoughtful self care products.

The Reign x Shine

Young Queen Box

This box is specifically designed for our young queens!

We aim to get the next generation invested in wellness and self care from a young age, as well as providing them with a source of positive representation.


Each box contains a Gratitude Journal, a Mindfulness Colouring Book, a mini arts and crafts set, and other fun and empowering child friendly items!

Reign x Shine will be curating a limited number of boxes, for a set period of time, before refreshing the contents with new and exciting products for you!

This is not a subscription box.

 You will know what you’re getting before you buy, but once they're gone, they're gone...


The brands we work with are black-owned, inspirational and INCREDIBLE.

Choose from the following box options, or have one of each!

  • Reign Shine Box

  • Reign x Shine Premium Box

  • Reign x Shine Young Queen Box


Our Goals

We hope to:

  • Encourage you to nurture yourself, as well as your loved ones.

  • Support you in building regular self-care rituals into your life, to boost your health, happiness and well-being. 

  • Help you discover excellent black-owned businesses. 

  • Reduce the cost of deluxe gift-giving!


In addition to our Reign x Shine boxes, we also offer luxury bespoke gift boxes.

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