A virtual wellness retreat for black women 

virtual retreat

20-21 June 2020

2pm - 6pm UK (BST)

9am - 1pm EDT

6am - 10am PDT

Let us bring the Reign x Shine retreat experience to you, in the comfort of your home. Our virtual retreat allows you to prioritise your physical and mental well-being, whilst connecting with like-minded black women, which we think is more important than ever right now.


In booking your space, you will also be donating to two amazing not-for-profit organisations doing incredible work within the black community. We will be sharing all profits between Black Minds Matter UK and Exist Loudly Fund. Check out what two of the guests from our last virtual retreat had to say. 

'This weekend was exactly what I needed! Thank you Reign x Shine for reuniting me with some of my favourite women and for introducing me to some fabulous new ones. I did wonder if the format would work online but it is testament to Maya and Trudie that this online retreat was just as perfect as the IRL ones.'

'Appreciation post for these two incredible, beautiful inside-and-out women who organised yet another incredible weekend retreat, this time virtually... Thank you for always creating the most beautiful, soul-filling spaces.'

Click here to book your place for £44 (approx. 55 USD).



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Danielle is a qualified and registered integrative counsellor and founder of JourneyOn Counselling and Therapeutic Services. Danielle has a particular interest in intercultural practice and trauma informed care; acknowledging that our unique experiences shape the way we move through life.


Danielle began JourneyOn in 2018, with the main aim of using a modern approach to therapy to encourage people who: may be curious about the process, previously believed it was not for them, and need a less traditional and more tailored service.

Danielle will be leading a mental health session on our virtual retreat. 

Find out more about Danielle at https://www.journey-on.co.uk/



Coming from a background of dance, Ebony is passionate about creative movement and specialises in teaching Vinyasa Flow. Her classes focus on linking the breath with movement to calm the mind, whilst building strength and flexibility. Ebony's teaching style is very inclusive as she strives to make her classes accessible and fun for everyone regardless of their level of fitness or flexibility. Expect mellow tunes, no jargon and good vibes! 

Ebony will be leading a yoga class on our virtual retreat. 

Find out more about Ebony at https://www.instagram.com/ebonyflowyoga


April Modestou

April’s twerk fitness class is designed to empower women of all ages, ethnicities and sizes, who come together to have fun, feel energised, and become healthier through dance. Her class is not only a fun workout that will boost your confidence on the dancefloor, it also promotes body positivity and will leave you feeling sexy. She provides a space for women to express and be the truest version of themselves without fear or judgement from others.

April will be leading a twerk fitness class on our virtual retreat. 


Find out more about April at www.instagram.com/_twerkmode



Bella is a personal trainer from London. She has always been passionate about fitness and the empowerment of women and thinks being able to bring the two together, to help people achieve their goals, is nothing short of a blessing! She takes a holistic approach to fitness to not only improve people's physical capabilities and appearance but also to shape people's lives for the better and create a happier world one person at a time.


Bella will be leading a HIIT workout class on our virtual retreat. 

Find out more about Bella at https://www.fitbeetraining.com/


Emma samuel

Emma is a Pilates and Yoga instructor. She was introduced to Pilates 18 years ago and has used it as part of her training regime ever since. As a mother of two children she believes Pilates has played an integral part of healing from pregnancy and child birth and maintaining a strong core. Emma is very passionate about teaching Pilates and educating people about their posture, body awareness, body control, strength, flexibilty and the importance of a strong core. Her classes join the body and the breath to facilitate or challenge movement, improve core strength and encourage relaxation. She believes in helping people achieve a healthy mind and body, believing wholeheartedly that movement heals.

Emma will be leading a Pilates class on our virtual retreat. 

Find out more about Emma at www.instagram.com/yogalates_em


Dré Ferdinand

Dré is a community wellness based practitioner and licensed social worker. She is committed to facilitating community ecologies by reconnecting communities, particularly those who are marginalised, towards self sufficiency and recovery from systematic and intergenerational trauma as a collective. Working with deep intention and passion, she is interested in the intersections of wellness, food, and social justice, particularly their relationship to indigenous and ancestral knowledge. Her unique practice entails working with the healing modalities of movement, energy, sound and soil.

Dré will be leading a sound healing session on our virtual retreat. 

Find out more about Dré at www.instagram.com/idreferdi

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